A Red Letter Day – 2014 Summer Recap

09/20/2014 - workout progress. 248 lbs. 289 on 04/20/2014. 5 months today... How my world has changed. All glory goes to God. How he's provided for me since then.

09/20/2014 – workout progress. 248 lbs. 289 on 04/20/2014. 5 months today…
How my world has changed. All glory goes to God. How he’s provided for me since then.

Five months ago, today, God decided to change my life. I spent months fighting what needed to happen. Months fighting his will. Finally realizing just how much he was protecting me, putting a protective hedge over me, keeping the things holding me back and taking advantage of me at bay. Finally giving me the courage to let go when I should have listened to him years ago.

09/16/2014 - Seattle

09/16/2014 – Seattle

Since then, the blessings and opportunities he’s provided me, personally, professionally, and spiritually have been boundless.

I was able to spend the entire 4th of July week with Sebastian. For him, he’s loving going EVERYWHERE in the s2000. He’s at such a fun age where we’re starting to have more serious conversations about everything from science, to these things called “girls”… That one caught me off guard… I was like… “What could a 9 year old even remotely have to ask about girls?”

I can’t wait for the next few years with him!

Just a great time to bond and get some of our own bucket list items off. The entire extended family got together for our local Summer Festival. I still believe Glendale Heights has one of the best suburban firework displays!

Also, I took advantage of the opportunity to photograph one of my favorite local bands (7th Heaven).

Keith Semple - 7th Heaven - Glendale Heights Summer Fest 2014

Keith Semple – 7th Heaven – Glendale Heights Summer Fest 2014

It was actually cool to have the lead singer of the band take one of my pics and rock it as his own Facebook profile pic for a while!

I spent several months this summer attending a class for people exploring their faith through my church. Alpha, as it’s called really gives you the opportunity to ask the hard questions.. to really just unload and vent your frustration on where or how you feel faith has failed you. Plus the companionship and friendships you forge are invaluable. I’m truly grateful for the people I’ve met, who’ve heard my story, and offered perspective to the abuse and wounds I’ve had to endure.

_31F2982We even had a special guest. Erich Muller (Yes… Mancow Muller) attended Alpha with me. Very cool to see him participate in the process for several months.

Hanging with Erich (Mancow) Muller.

Hanging with Erich (Mancow) Muller.

_31F3029We had the largest Vertical Endeavors open up about a ¼ mile from my house. So when they had free rock climbing all day long, the kids were ALL over it! Was great seeing them get past their own fears and finally conquer several walls. I couldn’t be prouder of my kids! Was a great time also going with a very good friend (Cody) who was coaching and helping the kids. Cody is a VERY accomplished rock climber.

_31F3032Long overdue for me, after that, was a much needed week away to just screw my own head on straight. So special thanks to some co-workers of mine who have a place in central Wisconsin away from it all! Was much needed, and I took advantage of that time to really do some soul searching on the next chapter in my life.

One thing is for sure. No one will ever take advantage of my own kindness and generosity ever again.

Summer road trip - 2014

Summer road trip – 2014

Finally, got to celebrate Sebastian’s first double digit birthday, and my Godson Diego’s last single digit birthday with my family! Such a wonderful family!
Sebastian at his 10th birthday - 2014

Sebastian at his 10th birthday – 2014


I can’t wait to see who or what God has planned for me in this next chapter of my life.


Today, is my Red Letter Day.

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