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Life after Loss: A future, your future

The end of the “Life after Loss” winter session was concluded with a study aptly named “Now That We Know“. It was fairly profound, especially eclipsing the holiday season where many people, who have sustained loss, were left reeling in the wake of their grief. The death of a loved one, a broken relationship, wounds […]

Life After Loss: What’s your random act of kindness?

As we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness week, here’s a story of my own that touched me. ———— Brokenness? What is it through the filter of your own life and experiences? Loss of a loved one? Issues at work? Family or relationship issues? Every single person who’s reading this can empathize with what I’m saying. […]

Life After Loss: “Why?” ..or is it “What?”

A table leader once told me a proverb that has stuck with me for years. “Bitterness; it’s like drinking rat poison, waiting for the other person to die.” Profound, isn’t it? When you really get out of that “ICU” phase in your grief, where you are constantly being talked off the ledge, or continuously finding […]

Life After Loss: The Journey of Grief

Déjà vu.. Ever have those moments? I’m a firm believer that God brings people into our lives for his purpose with us. Whether for a season, or for your lifetime, the fact remains that we all have lessons to learn or a role to fulfill in each others lives. Last night was the start of […]

Life After Loss: The Holidays…

It’s funny.. I should take it as flattery that I’ve had a few people bug me already on where this week’s article is. Honestly? If you twist my arm right now and make me cry “uncle”, I’ve simply been afraid.. ..afraid of the cost of writing it. Afraid of what you ask? Here’s a word […]

Life After Loss: Joy? The paths are there.

You know, in certain aspects, we all have something, some gift, that God gave us which we identified with early on. For me, I was cursed (or blessed) with the gift of total recall. Sights, sounds, smells, sensations, pain… and joy. I clearly have memories I can vividly recant as far back as 2 years […]

Life After Loss: The Mind of the Abused

One year ago today I was sitting in this exact same chair, in this exact same room, with a bag of ice on my neck and shoulder. I was staring down at the darkening bruises while looking at my “prize” for the night. Still sitting in my lap was one of the instruments used on […]

Life After Loss: “Hope?” ..or is it “Hope!”?

I had mentioned a few weeks back how a friend of mine had lost their Mother abruptly. I reached out to them after class last night to check in and they had slammed home, finally feeling their loss, where they had been in denial the weeks before. One of the things my friend kept asking […]

Life After Loss: …depression

Month’s before I was supposed to be married, my soon to be wife suffered a tremendous blow in her life. I’ll never forget this day. We were making breakfast on a Sunday morning when I look out the window and I see her brother walking down the sidewalk towards our house. I look at her […]

Life After Loss: Where is God in our grief?

A sad (because of the context), but true example of what I’m about to talk about: Last night, I was compelled to reach out to a friend I hadn’t talked to in months. Just… felt this compulsion to text them and see how they were doing. Within minutes, they told me that earlier that day […]