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Life After Loss: The Holidays…

It’s funny.. I should take it as flattery that I’ve had a few people bug me already on where this week’s article is. Honestly? If you twist my arm right now and make me cry “uncle”, I’ve simply been afraid.. ..afraid of the cost of writing it. Afraid of what you ask? Here’s a word […]

In Remembrance: Mike Long

It’s with very sad regret that I woke up this morning receiving the news that Mike Long passed away this weekend. To some the name may not resonate, but, to those in the Merchant Risk and Financial/Fraud circles, Mike was a pioneer and well known fixture in this industry. He was also someone I had […]

Life After Loss: Joy? The paths are there.

You know, in certain aspects, we all have something, some gift, that God gave us which we identified with early on. For me, I was cursed (or blessed) with the gift of total recall. Sights, sounds, smells, sensations, pain… and joy. I clearly have memories I can vividly recant as far back as 2 years […]

Life After Loss: The Mind of the Abused

One year ago today I was sitting in this exact same chair, in this exact same room, with a bag of ice on my neck and shoulder. I was staring down at the darkening bruises while looking at my “prize” for the night. Still sitting in my lap was one of the instruments used on […]