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Awesomeness, one bowl at a time.

If you know me at all… You know I LOVE to cook! A friend clued me into a recipe published in Women’s World Magazine by Nutritionist, Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman. Her “Fat Flush Soup” has been extremely popular since it was first published back in 2011. Me, being me of course, had to make it […]

Commodore, and the Amiga – The future of computing; forever changed.

I loved my Amiga!  I’m also not talking about the pretty girl I had a crush on in High School.  No, like some weird Cyberpunk Indie “B” flick, I’m talking about my first computer. So, I won’t lie.  Why a Commodore?  I remember walking past a long gone store chain (Software Etc.) and seeing some […]

Raspberry Pi, or is it Pie? – The $35 computer that could

I’ve always been positively fascinated with technology and how it continuously becomes smaller, faster, and more creative. Take this little gem. It’s been a hobbyist’s joy within tech circles for years. The Pi is a playing card sized full fledged computer that has the capability to run almost any modern operating system you want. It’s […]

In Remembrance: Mike Long

It’s with very sad regret that I woke up this morning receiving the news that Mike Long passed away this weekend. To some the name may not resonate, but, to those in the Merchant Risk and Financial/Fraud circles, Mike was a pioneer and well known fixture in this industry. He was also someone I had […]

GEEK TIME: Video and Photo Editing – Full Resolution GoPro video

I’ve had quite a few people ask me over the years just how I do what I do with my pictures, and now videos. I also had some people who’ve been on the fence over the new GoPro Hero4 Black ask me to put up an uncompressed copy of the video I made a few […]

X-Cache, W3 Total Cache and Varnish – Geek time..

I’ve hosted my own websites, and run my own servers for years. So it’s nothing new for me to understand load balancing and server management, but in the last 3-4 months my site readership has increased dramatically, really affecting web performance. I’m a big fan of the open source movement, and utilize it extensively in […]

My little bruiser has found his calling… Baseball

I’ve spent the last 10 years, 3 weeks, and 3 days wondering just what my prodigy would aspire to pursue. For back story, it’s worth noting that Sebastian has tried everything from Soccer, to Karate, to Cub Scouts (which I still wish he’d pursue), to now.. Baseball! Sebastian’s Mom and I have always shared the […]

“So what is Jousting?”

..The question I got from my son when he was wondering what they did at Medieval Times. I started trying to explain it to him and instead had a wonderful epiphany. I said.. “I have a GREAT way to show you!” Since I was a kid I’d gone with friends to the Renaissance Faire in […]

Accertify/AMEX: Free lunch courtesy of Managed Services!

It’s always great to do a good job! Gives you a sense of well doing when you finally lay down at night! It’s even better when one of the teams you support heavily says “Come on over!! We want to make lunch for you!”. Mark, the VP of Managed Services personally manned the grills outside […]

Accertify/AMEX attending the 2013 JP Morgan Chase – Corporate Challenge

What do you get when you get thousands and thousands and thousands of people coming out on a very unbecoming