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Life 3.0: The dating chronicles – 2015

  Dating Certainly not what it was back in High School. Now, like all things humans touch, it’s new, improved, shiny, and “better”! You know… Match, E-Harmony, PoF, Tinder, OKCupid. Yes, online dating! Here it is!  Finally, the axiom of human engineering in the 21st century! Let’s optimize and improve on time honored tradition by […]

Life 3.0: Men.. For 30 days, we Mo’d.

Pretty clean cut and shaved, don’t you think? Well, that’s this morning. But let’s back up 30 minutes before and I looked completely different. For the last 30 days Men across the world used November as their month to draw attention and awareness to Men’s health issues. Several organizations honor it in some capacity or […]

Life 3.0: Fall Colors – 2014 – Final Cut

Finally got a chance to get out this last weekend (probably the last good one of the year) and get some awesome footage of our local parks. Also took advantage of a gorgeous Sunday to spend the afternoon at our local track with the car guys. Can’t believe this short Summer/Fall is already over! Make […]

Life 3.0: Fulfilling some dreams for not only myself, but my personal hero.. My Dad.

I have made it a point to take advantage of this season in my life to accomplish things I always feared I couldn’t, or wouldn’t be allowed to. For years, I always talked about wanting to take a fall drive through Wisconsin’s beautiful Glacier Lands, capturing nature at it’s most pristine and beautiful. No better […]

A Red Letter Day – 2014 Summer Recap

Five months ago, today, God decided to change my life. I spent months fighting what needed to happen. Months fighting his will. Finally realizing just how much he was protecting me, putting a protective hedge over me, keeping the things holding me back and taking advantage of me at bay. Finally giving me the courage […]