2nd Annual “Take your Crumb Crusher to Work” day!

Sebastian:  My Junior Fraud Fighter!

Sebastian: My Junior Fraud Fighter!

Always a great time!!

I’m on the event committee for work, so we learned a lot about the format for this years event. Last year was probably a bit too long for the 7-14 year range we opened this up for. Consequently, things went much smoother this year! 🙂

We are a fraud company. We work with private organizations, corporations, and law enforcement to stop fraudsters, fraud rings, and save the economy and companies billions of dollars a week!

What we do, summed up so well!

What we do, summed up so well!

It’s a no brainer, when our kids are so connected at such a young age, that we’d focus on their safety. We especially focused on instilling into them “best practices” on how to use the internet, and what companies like ours do to protect them, etc.

Breakfast and Lunch were served, we had another appearance by the Accertify Fraud Fighter, our kids got to spend time with us shadowing our day to day, and we had several craft and educational workshops allowing their imaginations to reflect and answer on what we do.

Great times, and fond memories!

http://gallery.projectwrx.com/6038023 <-- Pics can be found here![caption id="attachment_212" align="aligncenter" width="300"]A quiz on Internet Safety and Fraud. A quiz on Internet Safety and Fraud.[/caption]


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