Life After Loss: Where is God in our grief?

"The Light of the World" - Painted by William Holman Hunt in the 1800s - Revelation 3:20 - Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.

“The Light of the World” – Painted by William Holman Hunt in the 1800s – Revelation 3:20 – Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.

A sad (because of the context), but true example of what I’m about to talk about:

Last night, I was compelled to reach out to a friend I hadn’t talked to in months. Just… felt this compulsion to text them and see how they were doing. Within minutes, they told me that earlier that day they received notice that their mother had died. I spent the next 3 hours on the phone consoling my friend and praying with them until they finally willed themselves to fall asleep.

But, here we go…

I received an email the other day from someone I could relate deeply to. Divorced, children, in a relationship with someone he’d known since childhood who was also divorced with children, etc. He was the provider, that rescuer and champion; trying to pour everything into her and their children. All he wanted in return was to be appreciated and affirmed for how much he’d sacrifice for them. Half the time she treated him like her king, the other half the time she was cold and selfish; thinking and focusing on her own agendas and plans. She was very status driven, always needing to be the best dressed, with the best guy, only showing the world her best side, but on the inside and behind closed doors, it was anything but.

We’ll call him.. “Tom”.

I can relate Tom.. Those who know my story, and by testimony to those who’ve known my ex and I both for decades, can relate as well.

One thing in this email that stood out though, was a very simple question we’ve all struggled with, even as believers.

“Why did God let this happen to me? I’m so angry at him!”

To digress, as a nation that’s a typical question. Prior to 09/11/2001, religion as a whole in our country had started to become politically incorrect. People had minimized God in their daily lives. I mean.. Life was good, right? Why mess with a good thing, right?

But after that day, people started to pray like never before. Places of worship overflowed that weekend, and songs like “God Bless America” suddenly had meaning again.

But, in all of that, people also approached God in one of two ways. We sought him out, or we become angry. I had been saved at 18 as a Christian, but never really embraced that relationship and “got it” until I had the infamous “closure” conversation a few weeks after my ex and I finally broke it off. I’ve since been baptized and one of the things you do is write an essay about what drew you close to God. Here’s just a small excerpt from mine.

“…I just felt myself continuing to struggle with the losses I had self inflicted. I was spiraling out of control and I could see the barren ground below. I slammed home… My body battered and broken.. but I digress.

While I had accepted God as my personal savior back when I was a teenager, I never really embraced the gravity of what that meant. At this point in my life, through tears and desperation, I did something I never had done before.

I prayed. But, I didn’t just pray like we do when we’re saying grace, or putting our children to bed. I found myself broken, sitting in the wasteland that was my damaged and empty heart, turning around and seeing nothing but the apocalypse which was my life, and crying out at the top of my lungs for God to please help me! To please give me a moment of peace from the pressure in my chest, my racing heart, and the depression that was threatening to truly kill me.

Truly, something mysterious happened. I felt a touch (even typing this brings me to tears), a peace and calmness I had never known before. I knew something awoke in me that offered me a peace that no therapy or pill, had been able to at that point.

Since then, God has continued to nurture me, and truly carry me through my depression into healthier states. The hardest part for me (being as controlling as I could be) was being able to close my eyes and let go, and trust in my faultless companion’s ability to guide my life. To trust that God knows what’s right for me, and to trust in his will.

I find that as I start to have true trust in him in my heart, the waves of guilt, shame, and loss in my heart have started falling off my body, soul, and heart.

Now, where those tears land in the wasteland of my life, I’m starting to see something special happening. Where there was nothing, flowers now are starting to push through the burnt soil, trying to reach for the sky.”

I sought him out. That’s a response born of humility. Being angry with God, as much as he can take it, is born out of pride. We want things to go our way, and if life won’t be played by our rules, then we will take our life and go home. We’re too angry to allow God to be God. WE want to be God and rule our own lives.

Mathew 7:7 says: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

If we truly and sincerely seek him, he will come. But don’t always assume he will give us what we need in the way we need it. God isn’t a cosmic bell-hop who is waiting to meet every wish and demand we have. In fact, it’s the opposite. Listen to him and follow his ways and he will bless our lives. That doesn’t mean that pain and suffering like what we had, or the loss of a loved one, or some other tragedy won’t happen. But, he does promise to walk with us and support us during those times. God works through others. How many people come out of the wood work and are there for us when we REALLY need them?

There’s a song by Scott Krippayne called “Sometime he calms the storm”. Part of the lyrics go: “Sometimes God calms the storm, and sometimes he calms the child.” Think about that for a moment. More often, it’s not the storm he’s calming, but us, if we’re willing.

Have you ever noticed that some of the kindest, loving, and gentle people in your life are those who’ve suffered the most? That’s because, during tough times, we grow. We develop intense empathy and compassion to those who are suffering as we have, and we’d do anything to take their hurt away; less judgmental and more forgiving, because we know what it felt like.

There’s a Psalm that brings me peace. Tom, check out Psalm 23. We all know it, even in pop culture for a non believer.. they’ve heard it.

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.”

Even though you’re walking through the valley of the shadow of death, goodness and mercy will follow you. I promise.

X-Cache, W3 Total Cache and Varnish – Geek time..

After some tweaking and the right optimization website performance is up 3600%!!

After some tweaking and the right optimization website performance is up 3600%!!

I’ve hosted my own websites, and run my own servers for years. So it’s nothing new for me to understand load balancing and server management, but in the last 3-4 months my site readership has increased dramatically, really affecting web performance.

I’m a big fan of the open source movement, and utilize it extensively in my boxes. This site is hosted off a quad core x64 based hardware with 4GB ram. PLENTY for the Ubuntu 14.04LTS LAMP role I utilize it for.

For a quick primer, WordPress (this blog software) runs on an Apache/PHP/MySQL backend. I’ve done a lot of tweaking to optimize and multithread as much as I can in this box, but realized that my Achilles Heel is PHP itself.

X-Cache dramatically improves performance by acting as an OPCode and data cache.

X-Cache dramatically improves performance by acting as an OPCode and data cache.

PHP is a server side scripting language that’s used extensively in web development. It’s honestly the foundation of a large percentage of the websites you travel to daily. The issue with PHP, is that every time you ask the website to do anything, it has to read that programming code, compile it, and then execute it. That’s extremely expensive to the server, and when you guys hit me 40-80 requests at a time, you bring my poor little box to it’s knees. ;)

But that’s where X-Cache comes in. It’s what’s called an OPCode (Operational Code) cache. So, when something is compiled, X-Cache stores it all into a real time memory cache and serves it up as opposed to asking the PHP engine to recompile the same code again. You can see from the screen shot above that there have been tens of thousands of hits to the cache in less than 20 minutes. That’s tens of thousands of CPU cycles saved, improving performance by letting the CPU do other stuff.

W3 Total Cache - for WordPress

W3 Total Cache – for WordPress

X-Cache works hand in hand with a plugin for WordPress called W3 Total Cache (W3TC). This nifty little gem allows you to totally customize what is stored up in X-Cache (they are directly linked) as well. The nice thing is that there are extensive tutorials and online documents discussing how to integrate X-Cache and W3TC in your Apache/WordPress configuration.

The final segment here was how to stop Apache and PHP from continuously having to generate all these dynamic pages. Since I rarely EDIT a page once I’ve created it, those are instances where a more static approach to web design would be beneficial. The solution to this was to integrate a reverse proxy called “Varnish”. Sounds simple, but Varnish is actually used by Fortune 100 companies, high profile publication sites (I.E. New York Times), and it’s completely 100% free! <-- Varnish HTTP accelerator software on Wikipedia. <- Varnish Cache main site.

What Varnish does is it sits in front of my Apache instance, and it listens across the internet for requests. When you type in, Varnish asks if a cached, static version exists. If not, it then goes to Apache (hidden behind the firewall now), and asks it to provide that page. Then, Varnish stores it for a definable period of time and serves it out. The integration is slick and seamless, and I’ve gone from being able to serve about a dozen pages a second, to about 3600 pages per second now!

So, needless to say.. this little Quad core just scaled up considerably. So if you have that old computer laying around in your closet and it would struggle to run Windows Vista, or 7…. don’t discredit it. *NIX derivatives like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, etc… all are wonderful, low resource needed alternatives that will stretch that hardware out for years!

My little bruiser has found his calling… Baseball

Sebastian at the end of his 1st year of baseball.  -Crystal Lake AAA Fall League Final

Sebastian at the end of his 1st year of baseball. -Crystal Lake AAA Fall League Final

I’ve spent the last 10 years, 3 weeks, and 3 days wondering just what my prodigy would aspire to pursue.

For back story, it’s worth noting that Sebastian has tried everything from Soccer, to Karate, to Cub Scouts (which I still wish he’d pursue), to now.. Baseball!

Sebastian’s Mom and I have always shared the mindset to offer our children every possible opportunity we could afford. But, for me, I always want them to “stay” with it; so I was understandably hesitant when Amy approached me early this year and said Sebastian wanted to go into Baseball.

OK.. Here we go!

Sebastian rips a solid single during the Crystal Lake AAA Fall League Final.

Sebastian rips a solid single during the Crystal Lake AAA Fall League Final.

What ended up happening was pretty awesome. Just imagine this timid little kid walking up to the batter’s box for the first time, and literally and proverbially smashing the ball on his first swing.

Pretty much sums up how he’s matured and grown since.

During the Spring season, Sebastian’s team (the Cubs) went through to the league championship and took the whole thing. He was stoked for “Fall Ball” to start, and has spent the last several months working on his game.

Sebastian did a great job playing as catcher and 1st baseman during the Crystal Lake AAA Fall League Final.

Sebastian did a great job playing as catcher and 1st baseman during the Crystal Lake AAA Fall League Final.

Sebastian made great contact the entire game, scoring RBIs for his team during the Crystal Lake AAA Fall League Final.

Sebastian made great contact the entire game, scoring RBIs for his team during the Crystal Lake AAA Fall League Final.

But, back to the final.

There was a solid showing by the team, with Sebastian making solid contact with the ball during the entire game.

He advanced his team mates around the plates continuously, and also contributed several of his own runs. The highlight being a white knuckled run to home which I captured here. It could have been a coin toss, but our entire side of the diamond got on our feet and cheered when we heard. “SAFE!”

Sebastian sliding for home and scoring during the Crystal Lake AAA Fall League Final.

Sebastian sliding for home and scoring during the Crystal Lake AAA Fall League Final.

It’s almost sad at this point. I’ve spent the entire summer and fall carting kids around to their ball practice and games, and am actually going to miss photographing my little bruiser.

I’m looking forward to the spring…

Thanks Amy, for talking me into it. ;) <– Photos can be found here.

Life After Loss: A Heart Of Resilience

Resilience:  The ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens.

Resilience: The ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens.

Resiliency.. a noble aspiration for all of us. Call it thick skinned, call it enlightened, even-keeled, etc. Ultimately, it’s a state of mind and spirit. To tap your inner strength to persevere after some landslide occurs in your life. The loss of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, trauma, abuse, loss of a job. What is a land slide is uniquely personal to each of us, breaking us in a way only we relate.

…this too shall pass.

For me, this season of my life started with the end of a relationship to someone who was physically abusive and battering, psychologically abusive and controlling, and finally being told that they were using me for what I was providing and not about love or relationship.

Can some of you relate?

Going through the stages of grief, I remember immediately rationalizing the words I was hearing and entering the isolation and denial phases. Justifying how I was being treated. Still wanting to bargain my way back into the good I had. Wanting that “peak” one last time; yet still wanting to ignore the “valley”.

Can more of you relate now?

Then it hits you… free falling out of control, slamming into the earth, and your life shattering into a thousand pieces. You stand up and realize that you see nothing as far as the eye can see and it hits you. Fear, desperation, anxiety, loneliness, rejection, loss, failure.

…but this too shall pass.

How then, after all of that do we aspire for resiliency when most mornings we can’t even will ourselves out of bed, or find our car keys?

Psalm 71:14 says “But I will hope continually, and will yet praise thee more and more.”.

Every morning I wake up and hold the pieces of my shattered trust and heart in my hands, abandoned in that field, and I look up at God and I ask him to please put them back together and help the scars heal. Every day I ask for him to protect me and have my back because I have realized that no one on this earth can do so as he does.

It will take many years, and some of these wounds will never go away, but I’ve realized that what >I< need to do (and have done) is just surrender. I have full peace in just giving my path to God and letting him decide what this next season of my life is going to be like.

…will this pass?

Endurance:  The power to withstand pain or hardship; the ability of strength to continue despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions.

Endurance: The power to withstand pain or hardship; the ability of strength to continue despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions.

Endurance.. an equally necessary part of grieving to be able to achieve resiliency. Without endurance many of us will give up. The lesson I learned this week is very simple. You can’t run from the pain, you can’t numb it, you can’t mask it. You have to be willing to take the gloves off and get into that ring and fight it out. Fight with all the heart you have until you’re done with the pain, and it’s done with you.

Otherwise, if you give up, or aren’t ready to put in the work and heart, the pain will win, and you will be stuck under it’s heel for the rest of your life.

It starts with the heart.. Trauma slashes deep into the heart, leaving behind profound and permanent wounds. Psalm 6:3 “I am sick at heart. How long, O Lord, until you restore me?”

I’m plagiarizing this but it’s very profound and worth spreading.

5 ways to build resilience when your heart is broken:

ONE: Be trusting. Take it to the One who can mend your heart. Psalm 62:8 “O my people, trust in him at all times. Pour out your heart to him, for God is our refuge.”

TWO: Be self aware. Know your limits and your needs. Advocate for yourself.

THREE: Be Patient. Healing takes time.

FOUR: Be authentic. Embrace the pain, don’t RUN from it.

FIVE: Shift perspective. Learn to see the bigger picture. <-- This entire point is personified in these 3 minutes and 28 seconds..

God bless all of us who are surviving. Some days we want to give up on life itself. But in those days, give it your very best and don't give up until you have nothing left.

…This too shall pass…

Life 3.0: Fulfilling some dreams for not only myself, but my personal hero.. My Dad.

Door County - Wisconsin - 10/2014

Door County – Wisconsin – 10/2014

I have made it a point to take advantage of this season in my life to accomplish things I always feared I couldn’t, or wouldn’t be allowed to.

For years, I always talked about wanting to take a fall drive through Wisconsin’s beautiful Glacier Lands, capturing nature at it’s most pristine and beautiful. No better season would achieve that but the fall. What I discovered was nothing short of absolutely breathtaking! But I digress for a moment; for me, photography has always been a way for me to personify life. I can tell you how beautiful something looks to me, or I can show you what my eyes see, and the emotions my heart feels at that moment in time. That is what Photography is to me.. an outlet for when my command of the English lexicon fails me.

Fish Creek Wisconsin - 10/2014

Fish Creek Wisconsin – 10/2014

The problem is, that in this case, even my photography can’t capture the raw emotion of what it is to climb up onto some of these bluffs, or towers, and see the raw splendor God created. Just imagine closing your eyes, and being far away from the city.. far away from the white noise that is our life, and just hearing the wind, the cry of an Eagle miles away, echoing over the valley, and the sound of surf crashing onto rocks hundreds of feet below you.

Peninsula State Park - Wisconsin - 10/2014

Peninsula State Park – Wisconsin – 10/2014

Those are some of the places I discovered across hundreds of miles of fire roads, country routes, and places truly off the wayward path that no rear drive roadster should ever try to reach… But the effort was so worth it! <-- This video compiling some of my trip doesn't even do it justice.. but I'm sure you'll get the idea! This is now going to be a yearly pilgrimage for me. I didn't even scratch the tip of what I had hoped to see or do.

Celebrating my Dad's 68th birthday - 10/06/2014

Celebrating my Dad’s 68th birthday – 10/06/2014

Several days after that, I got to celebrate the birthday of my Father. Having just turned 68, you’d think he’d start slowing down? No.. This is my hero. He’s the man I try and be, the person I hope to make proud, and the person who has taught me all I know about trying to be the most honorable and loving person to others.

Breakfast with my Dad - 10/07/2014

Breakfast with my Dad – 10/07/2014

So, at 68 what does he decide to do? Go flying for the first time! Well.. I shouldn’t say that, because my Dad has flown every version of Microsoft Flight Simulator since the late 80s, and has logged thousands of hours in them.

For Father’s Day I had gotten him his first flying lesson, to see what he’d think. He wanted to wait until now though to use it. Why? Well in typical fashion to how knowledgable he is, he knew the atmospheric conditions would be more ideal for flying in cooler weather. So here then I find myself picking him up at 7:30AM and off to breakfast we go.

My Dad logging his first hour of flight time - 10/07/2014

My Dad logging his first hour of flight time – 10/07/2014

By 9AM sharp we’re sitting in Naperville at the Aero Club waiting for Ron Sachen, our instructor. Now, normally, it costs extra for any guests, but Ron surprised us, and offered me a free trip up with my Dad. I absolutely wasn’t going to turn that down!

After some class time on the basics of lift, wind correction and compensation, and the basics of flight we head out to our Piper. It was a tight fit, but we all got cozy and got to work.

IMG_5042Our flight plan took us from Naperville to Morris IL, where we were using major roads and intersections as practice grounds for learning the difference between paying attention to the nose of the plane, and the destination on the horizon (they don’t want you looking at the nose), and then how to judge and line up turns. Why? Because my Dad was then to line us up and take us in for our first landing in Morris. Went off without a hitch. He’s a natural at this!

Then, after a debrief and rest we then took off on the return back to Naperville, repeating the same exercises and enjoying the scenery.


This day couldn’t have been any more beautiful and ideal for flying! We had an absolute great time and I’m so proud of my Dad! I’m honored to be here with him on a very special day in his life.

Morris Municipal Airport - 10/07/2014

Morris Municipal Airport – 10/07/2014

Life After Loss: Ministering to those who’ve suffered extreme loss or abuse.

Willow Creek's mid week service.  I've been called to share my story and minister to those who've had abusive or traumatic ends to relationships.

Willow Creek’s mid week service. I’ve been called to share my story and minister to those who’ve had abusive or traumatic ends to relationships.

I had an eye opening epiphany several weeks ago. I’d been effectively indoctrinated into the mindset that the problems you have are meant to be dirty secrets, never to see the light of day. In those actions, nothing but bitterness came from it. I remember being asked by someone I respect deeply to be conscious of other’s reputation and to not tarnish it. I respected that for a very long time, but realized I was the one continuing to be hurt more and more through it.

Somehow, clearly (looking at my web stats), thousands of you have latched onto my prior post. Hundreds of you have emailed stories of your own traumatic relationships, and dozens others have become good friends through all of this. It compelled me to sign up for Willow Creek’s Life After Loss course. There was a very important metaphor I learned quickly. Most people feel that recovering from loss is like a ruler. There are clearly defined mile stones, and an end to it. The reality is that grief is more like a slinky.. Yes, you always work your way up.. but you could be at the top of a coil one day, and find yourself still at the bottom of a coil the next day. That is life moving through the 5 stages of grief.

– Denial and Isolation
– Anger
– Bargaining
– Depression
– Acceptance

holding_hands-1423No, you don’t go through them in that order. No, just because you feel you move through a stage, doesn’t mean it’s not likely you could relapse into it again. <– I realize I’ve recognized my call to ministry. While continuing to tend to my own physical and psychological abuse I had to endure, I realized that there is also something extremely healing in relating and sharing my story with dozens of others. Friends, acquaintances, complete strangers in their own need.. It’s something I freely do now; realizing how it is my path to finally being able to achieve the ability to offer grace and true forgiveness.

Something I truly hope to do one day, because bitterness is like drinking rat poison, waiting for the other person to die.

I pray every day for that healing, and I feel God’s provided me the means to achieve it, while being in the service of others.

A Red Letter Day – 2014 Summer Recap

09/20/2014 - workout progress. 248 lbs. 289 on 04/20/2014. 5 months today... How my world has changed. All glory goes to God. How he's provided for me since then.

09/20/2014 – workout progress. 248 lbs. 289 on 04/20/2014. 5 months today…
How my world has changed. All glory goes to God. How he’s provided for me since then.

Five months ago, today, God decided to change my life. I spent months fighting what needed to happen. Months fighting his will. Finally realizing just how much he was protecting me, putting a protective hedge over me, keeping the things holding me back and taking advantage of me at bay. Finally giving me the courage to let go when I should have listened to him years ago.

09/16/2014 - Seattle

09/16/2014 – Seattle

Since then, the blessings and opportunities he’s provided me, personally, professionally, and spiritually have been boundless.

I was able to spend the entire 4th of July week with Sebastian. For him, he’s loving going EVERYWHERE in the s2000. He’s at such a fun age where we’re starting to have more serious conversations about everything from science, to these things called “girls”… That one caught me off guard… I was like… “What could a 9 year old even remotely have to ask about girls?”

I can’t wait for the next few years with him!

Just a great time to bond and get some of our own bucket list items off. The entire extended family got together for our local Summer Festival. I still believe Glendale Heights has one of the best suburban firework displays!

Also, I took advantage of the opportunity to photograph one of my favorite local bands (7th Heaven).

Keith Semple - 7th Heaven - Glendale Heights Summer Fest 2014

Keith Semple – 7th Heaven – Glendale Heights Summer Fest 2014

It was actually cool to have the lead singer of the band take one of my pics and rock it as his own Facebook profile pic for a while!

I spent several months this summer attending a class for people exploring their faith through my church. Alpha, as it’s called really gives you the opportunity to ask the hard questions.. to really just unload and vent your frustration on where or how you feel faith has failed you. Plus the companionship and friendships you forge are invaluable. I’m truly grateful for the people I’ve met, who’ve heard my story, and offered perspective to the abuse and wounds I’ve had to endure.

_31F2982We even had a special guest. Erich Muller (Yes… Mancow Muller) attended Alpha with me. Very cool to see him participate in the process for several months.

Hanging with Erich (Mancow) Muller.

Hanging with Erich (Mancow) Muller.

_31F3029We had the largest Vertical Endeavors open up about a ¼ mile from my house. So when they had free rock climbing all day long, the kids were ALL over it! Was great seeing them get past their own fears and finally conquer several walls. I couldn’t be prouder of my kids! Was a great time also going with a very good friend (Cody) who was coaching and helping the kids. Cody is a VERY accomplished rock climber.

_31F3032Long overdue for me, after that, was a much needed week away to just screw my own head on straight. So special thanks to some co-workers of mine who have a place in central Wisconsin away from it all! Was much needed, and I took advantage of that time to really do some soul searching on the next chapter in my life.

One thing is for sure. No one will ever take advantage of my own kindness and generosity ever again.

Summer road trip - 2014

Summer road trip – 2014

Finally, got to celebrate Sebastian’s first double digit birthday, and my Godson Diego’s last single digit birthday with my family! Such a wonderful family!
Sebastian at his 10th birthday - 2014

Sebastian at his 10th birthday – 2014


I can’t wait to see who or what God has planned for me in this next chapter of my life.


Today, is my Red Letter Day.

“So what is Jousting?”

My minion wanted to know what "Jousting" was... I had the perfect answer!

My minion wanted to know what “Jousting” was… I had the perfect answer!

..The question I got from my son when he was wondering what they did at Medieval Times.

I started trying to explain it to him and instead had a wonderful epiphany. I said.. “I have a GREAT way to show you!”

Since I was a kid I’d gone with friends to the Renaissance Faire in Bristol Wisconsin. It certainly hasn’t changed. The King and Queen still set the stage first thing in the morning, there are still the guys performing in the “Mud Show”, and there are still thousands of “extras” who just show up in their own re-enactment garb, weapons and all.

_31F2573Was a lot of fun actually, because Sebastian got himself into some of the shows going on.

It’s really too bad that the weather wasn’t holding on too well up there, because we were having a ton of fun and left in the early afternoon. But he was sold. Loved the weapons, loved getting his own wooden sword and shield, and of course, loved the atmosphere, food, and good times playing and getting to know some of the other kids we’d meet.

Was a great time! Though, at this point I think I just committed myself to a birthday party at Medieval Times… :( That’s going to be an expensive net result to a little field trip.

_31F2543 <-Full sized pics are always available in my galleries. You can always access them via the link


Accertify/AMEX: Free lunch courtesy of Managed Services!

Burgers, Dogs, Sausages, and all the trimmin's!

Burgers, Dogs, Sausages, and all the trimmin’s!

It’s always great to do a good job! Gives you a sense of well doing when you finally lay down at night!

It’s even better when one of the teams you support heavily says “Come on over!! We want to make lunch for you!”.

Mark, the VP of Managed Services personally manned the grills outside on a 95F day and cooked for not only us, but his own team to give us all a time to catch up and gel.

Thanks Mark! Great time as always! <-- Full gallery can be found here!

Hanging with our Managed Service teams!  They were nice enough to throw a "Thank you!" lunch for the Client Service team!

Hanging with our Managed Service teams! They were nice enough to throw a “Thank you!” lunch for the Client Service team!

!!!Evil Al!!!

!!!Evil Al!!!

Accertify/AMEX attending the 2013 JP Morgan Chase – Corporate Challenge

My man, Ian, bringing it home!

My man, Ian, bringing it home!

What do you get when you get thousands and thousands and thousands of people coming out on a very unbecoming <50F May day?

A 3.5 mile run to warm up, with a great time afterwards!

I was fortunate enough to be asked to head down and take pictures, showing how Accertify/AMEX represents amongst their peers.

Great representation from Chicago’s large corporate presence. United, and Motorola are just two that come to mind.

Overall, great time though! It was a great networking opportunity for those of us on the Accertify Island to take a peek outside, and meet our peers! <-- As always, the full photo gallery is located online.

Everyone from the local AMEX offices, as well as the dozens of people from Accertify who attended the event!

Everyone from the local AMEX offices, as well as the dozens of people from Accertify who attended the event!